C H A T E A U   E S C U D E S
About us

About us

Ton du Chatinier, soccer player and international soccer coach. Hester du Chatinier – Hauer, ladies fashion / sportswear buyer and entrepreneur .

We have seen a lot off the world. Through our job but also private we love to travel. During our private trips we are always looking for special places to stay. During these trips we started to dream to have our own special place, where we could always have a holiday feeling. And dreaming even bigger: share this holiday feeling with guests.

This place should have enough space for our sports activity’s ( tennis, golf, soccer, fishing, horseback riding, long walks with the dogs). Enough space for all our animals, 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 pony’s, 2 horses and 2 ducks. Close enough to an international airport. Some vibrant city’s close by. And specially for Ton: His hometown Utrecht reachable by car.

With Hester’s talent for organizing and styling, Ton’s hospitality and outstanding property /grounds management, your ideal hosts for: a relaxing stay, a perfect holiday, the most beautiful wedding , the best family- or business- event location.

We hope to meet you at Escudes and do everything within our possibility to make stay unforgettable.After a search of 3 years we found our place in France in the beautiful Lomagne region, only 40 km from Toulouse international airport, and 1100 km from Utrecht.

The last 20 years the 24 HA domain has been used as a holiday home. We spend 6 month to style and update the place. Now we have a nice family home and guestrooms / holiday homes up to 16 quests.