Our flagship! We love to organize the most beautiful day of your live. The location has everything you want for your wedding. The looks, the weather and the atmosphere. We can host upto maximum 100 guests. You can rent the location only (poolbar, pool, toilets/showers, grounds), or including our rooms and gites. Our favorite is to organize your complete wedding including catering, flowers, dj, photographer, accommodation for your quests to stay and even what more you have on your wish list. This all for a reasonable budget.

  • Thursday arrival of the wedding couple and close family, check in, explore the grounds, relax. In the evening dinner in one of the beautiful villages around with the family
  • Friday, arrival of the quests in their accommodation. On Escudes last preparations for the big day. On 16.30 all quest are invited for drinks and BBQ in and near the Poolbar. The DJ is playing his music. In this relaxing atmosphere it is soon midnight, time to go to sleep to be fresh for the next day.
  • Saturday everybody takes his breakfast at their location. Guest are invited back on Escudes around 11.00 for sport activities, or just to relax at the pool. At 13.00 lunch ( sandwich and fruits) . Hereafter back to get changed for the big moment. Arrival for the ceremony at 16.30. Around 17.00 time to congratulate with champagne. This continues in the French Cocktail ( drinks and small bites ). At 20.00 dinner in the garden. The dessert is a big spectacle with some fireworks. After this the party can start.
  • Sunday everybody back on Escudes to have breakfast and to say goodby to the guests.
  • The Wedding couple and family can stay to reminisce as many more days as they wish.
  • To plan your perfect wedding at Escudes please contact us.